Regain original heart

For more than 30 years, QG has made waves in the tide of reform and opening up. It has developed from a small foreign trade company with only a dozen people to a comprehensive group company with thousands of employees, integrating science, industry and trade. Generations of QG people have worked hard with sweat and wisdom to create a vast field of foreign trade. 

Along the way, we have always insisted on deepening reform, stimulating and releasing internal life force, improving governance, promoting the integration and promotion of operation and management, developing innovation and cultivating new driving forces for transformation and upgrading. Refrigeration, foaming, crafts "three carriages" go hand in hand; diversified business is in the ascendant.

At present, standing at the next 30-year historical node, we are deeply aware of the great responsibility and arduous task of continuing to write a new chapter. Facing the complex new situation, new environment and new challenges, how to shape the inexhaustible power of sustainable development and achieve higher quality and more efficient development has become a major issue that all QG people must face.

Therefore, we must not forget our original intention and mission at all times, get rid of the burden, return to zero mentality, pack lightly and do simply. On the basis of inheriting and carrying forward the enterprise concept of "creating value and pursuing excellence", and implementing the differentiated competition strategy, we must follow the market rules, return to the essence of business, stick to the bottom line of value, enhance the core-competitiveness, and lead the next 30 with surging passion Years, 60 years and even a hundred years

Time waits for no one. We can see that after the third institutional reform, a new platform for doing business is urging us to explore.

All the past is preface. From now on, we will turn our history around, embrace the unknown challenges and opportunities, clearly position ourselves to overcome the maze, build internal skills to resist the storm, seek innovation to open up the future, firmly grasp the initiative of development in our own hands, and continue to forge ahead towards the grand goal of "becoming a great company with customer satisfaction, shareholder trust, employee love and respect", and work with shareholders and customers Customers, employees and partners, work together to "rebuild" a more brilliant QG.